Glamour, Anxiety, & Resilience: A Journey

In today’s episode of Guppuccino, we confront the silent epidemic gripping our world: rising anxiety, stress, and depression, through the lens of a personal narrative.     In this episode, we have not one but two guests. The first needs no introduction – Bindiya Lachmandas, an Ayurvedic therapist based here in Singapore.   Our second… Continue reading Glamour, Anxiety, & Resilience: A Journey

Parenting is Hard, Being a Teen is Harder

Being a kid isn’t easy. It wasn’t easy when we were kids. It isn’t easy when we are parents/guardians.    Just when you start getting a hang of your toddler’s behavioral pattern, their needs and wants – Boom!    Things change.   Just when you thought, “they are big enough and they have become good… Continue reading Parenting is Hard, Being a Teen is Harder

Embrace Essential Daily Habits

We are already a month into 2024 and for many, their ‘New Year’ goals, resolutions, targets or whatever it is termed as, must be taking some early shape.   However, it does not hold true for most and a recent survey states just that.    “By the end of January, 43 percent of people either… Continue reading Embrace Essential Daily Habits

Your Period SuperPower (Pt 2)

According to a traditional Native American saying, “At her first bleeding a woman meets her power. During her bleeding years she practices it. At menopause she becomes it.”   That is the power of a woman’s menstrual cycle and all she needs to do is tap into and understand her body clock, sync it with… Continue reading Your Period SuperPower (Pt 2)

In Conversation with Dyutima Jha

Career changes aren’t that uncommon these days. The decision is usually rooted in an unhappy work profile, incompetent pay-check, long working hours, a restrictive life, or maybe everything together.   But what happens when it’s none of the above?    What happens when you go from a profession, that you have been putting your soul… Continue reading In Conversation with Dyutima Jha

World Mental Health Day – The Parent-Child Power Struggle

While the health of the mind is as important as the health of the body, how comfortable are parents in discussing the mental wellbeing of their children?   A nationwide study of adolescents’ mental health and resilience conducted earlier this year reflected a gap in parents’ understanding of youth mental health. While only 10 parents… Continue reading World Mental Health Day – The Parent-Child Power Struggle

GupShup with Rabi Nawaz

“First time when the doctors put an expiration date on my life – perhaps another 10 months – I looked at my watch and thought to myself ‘will I make it in time for my next meeting’!”   In this month’s GupShup, we shared our hot cuppa with Rabi Nawaz, who left her 17+ years… Continue reading GupShup with Rabi Nawaz

GupShup with Sapna Kewalramani Malhotra

I first met Sapna, face-to-face, on the day of the recording. Before that we had spoken over the phone many times and exchanged emails, of course.   It was during a very busy work week and I was strongly weighed down by anxiety. There were edits to complete, shoots to do and ideas that were… Continue reading GupShup with Sapna Kewalramani Malhotra

Guppuccino Ep12: Travel Tips From An Expert

COVID undeniably changed our lives, work culture, communication skills and an overall approach to life in general.   It was during the pandemic that Monika Guwalani decided to shift to the mountains to continue with her investment banking work life. However, it was not too long before she decided to quit and opted for something… Continue reading Guppuccino Ep12: Travel Tips From An Expert

MOM-ents Captured: Happy Mother’s Day

Motherhood is one journey, where you will never walk alone.     TheGupCup spoke to some beautiful mothers and their kids to add some more flavour to the special day!   Watch More GupShup Interviews Listen to Guppuccino, The Podcast