GupShup with Sapna Kewalramani Malhotra

By: The Gup Cup
Sep20, 2023

I first met Sapna, face-to-face, on the day of the recording. Before that we had spoken over the phone many times and exchanged emails, of course.


It was during a very busy work week and I was strongly weighed down by anxiety. There were edits to complete, shoots to do and ideas that were waiting to be implemented. However, I kept pulling myself back into the moment because I knew this was an interview that was going to be special.


I was not wrong. She walked in, and her calm, poise personality seemed to have changed the entire feel of the situation.


GupShup with Sapna Kewalramani Malhotra


Sapna Kewalramani Malhotra, Director of Philanthropy at KRF Ltd., co-founded Her Rise Above in 2019. The organization, along with its volunteers, works with marginalised women who are in need of mentorship to establish their home-based business while also wearing the hat of a caregiver.


Having mentored over 40 women since its inception, Her Rise Above works with women by providing them 1-to-1 business essential skills training on various aspects of starting a business – from costing, accounting, marketing, packaging, customer relations and logistics, to soft skills such as communication and time management.


“What we see in Singapore is not everybody’s reality. Everything looks beautiful from our world,” Sapna was quick to say when I asked her about her decision to start ‘Her Rise Above’.


When she came in contact with the Family Service Centre and worked with people on the ground, Sapna felt the need to understand, “why is the situation still like that, given all the support we still have in Singapore?”


Watch the full GupShup with Sapna Kewalramani Malhotra and hear the inspiring stories she shares about her journey and the lives that she has been changing for so many years.


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