MOM-ents Captured: Happy Mother’s Day

Motherhood is one journey, where you will never walk alone.     TheGupCup spoke to some beautiful mothers and their kids to add some more flavour to the special day!   Watch More GupShup Interviews Listen to Guppuccino, The Podcast

Part 3 | Parenting: A Teen’s Perspective (Ep9)

“I have Instagram but I don’t use it. I have been trolled for it. But I don’t care.”   “I use to repost reels and a lot of people use to question it. I kept doing that, kept repeating. And they got comfortable with it. So I didn’t limit myself. I just let people know… Continue reading Part 3 | Parenting: A Teen’s Perspective (Ep9)

Part 2 | Parenting: A Teen’s Perspective (Ep8)

“When children end up comparing themselves to other kids, they can be hurt mentally.”   “…and it ends up creating a toxic mindset which we need to then learn to overcome.”   These were some of the thoughts that were expressed by our teenaged guests, as we continued our conversation over ‘Parenting, A Teenager’s Perspective‘.… Continue reading Part 2 | Parenting: A Teen’s Perspective (Ep8)

Part 1 | Parenting: A Teen’s Perspective (Ep7)

There is so much conversation around parenting.    ‘Dos and Don’ts of parenting.’   ‘One mistake every parent should avoid.’   ‘Are you talking to your child?’   ‘How to be your kid’s best friend?’   ‘Why isn’t my child sharing?’   …the topics are endless and so is the chat around it. But have… Continue reading Part 1 | Parenting: A Teen’s Perspective (Ep7)

GupShup with Amrita Kaur (Part 2)

A student of medicine. A journalist. A radio jockey. A singer. A food stylist. An Ayurvedic Chef. Meet Amrita Kaur, co-founder of a Goa-based cafe, Ålter-Native Goa.   Things did not happen overnight for this talented young entrepreneur. It was a journey that unfolded gradually but organically.   Catch the 2nd part of the food… Continue reading GupShup with Amrita Kaur (Part 2)

“The Brutality Really Infuriated Me”

He is an animal lover. He is also an artist. And he has beautifully blended together his passion for art and love for animals in order to raise funds for animal conservation. What started with just a few of his sketches, has now become a movement for conservation through art.     Recently, one of his… Continue reading “The Brutality Really Infuriated Me”