Parenting is Hard, Being a Teen is Harder

Being a kid isn’t easy. It wasn’t easy when we were kids. It isn’t easy when we are parents/guardians.    Just when you start getting a hang of your toddler’s behavioral pattern, their needs and wants – Boom!    Things change.   Just when you thought, “they are big enough and they have become good… Continue reading Parenting is Hard, Being a Teen is Harder

Embrace Essential Daily Habits

We are already a month into 2024 and for many, their ‘New Year’ goals, resolutions, targets or whatever it is termed as, must be taking some early shape.   However, it does not hold true for most and a recent survey states just that.    “By the end of January, 43 percent of people either… Continue reading Embrace Essential Daily Habits

Your Period SuperPower (Pt 2)

According to a traditional Native American saying, “At her first bleeding a woman meets her power. During her bleeding years she practices it. At menopause she becomes it.”   That is the power of a woman’s menstrual cycle and all she needs to do is tap into and understand her body clock, sync it with… Continue reading Your Period SuperPower (Pt 2)