Parenting is Hard, Being a Teen is Harder

By: The Gup Cup
Feb15, 2024

Being a kid isn’t easy. It wasn’t easy when we were kids. It isn’t easy when we are parents/guardians. 


Just when you start getting a hang of your toddler’s behavioral pattern, their needs and wants – Boom! 


Things change.


Just when you thought, “they are big enough and they have become good listeners” – Boom! Again! 


They have a mind of their own and know what’s “best” for them.


Just when you accept that they are growing up and giving that “little space” to them will help them blossom, well guess what?! Another Boom! 


They are in their pre-teens and in no time become teenagers.


I hear you folks. Who said parenting was easy?


But what made you think that being a kid was easy? How well do we, as parents, understand the changes they are going through?


“There is a lot going on in that mind,” says Pamela Puja Kirpalani, a Transformational NLP & Neuroscience Coach and our latest guest on Guppuccino.


(Guppuccino with Pamela Puja Kirpalani)


After authoring her book ‘Whole’, which eases navigation of a person’s personal journey towards happiness, Puja strongly feels that she “needs to write a Whole for teens” as well.


Emphasizing on the fact that awareness of a child’s physical and cognitive development is important at every stage, Puja highlights some very interesting changes that children go through.


“Around the age of 7, children take a big leap forward as they enter the age of reason. That is when the separation begins to happen – of I and them. Whereas before it was all blurred.” 


Children at this age begin to form their opinions and even though they value their parents as much, they begin to learn and appreciate their individuality.


But what happens to teens? Why is it so tough parenting teens?


“Well, when adolescence hits, their strive for independence becomes very strong. The older they get, their opinions hold stronger. The problem begins if someone challenges their knowledge. It messes with their cognitive beliefs. Anything that messes up their cognitive belief, ends up becoming a threat, as they feel their knowledge is invalidated. So we end up dealing with a rebellion.”


So what is the solution?

“It’s simpler than you think,” Puja says with a smile.


Tune into our latest episode of Guppuccino as we hear all about the parenting business from our expert Pamela Puja Kirpalani.


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