World Mental Health Day – The Parent-Child Power Struggle

By: The Gup Cup
Oct10, 2023

While the health of the mind is as important as the health of the body, how comfortable are parents in discussing the mental wellbeing of their children?


A nationwide study of adolescents’ mental health and resilience conducted earlier this year reflected a gap in parents’ understanding of youth mental health. While only 10 parents observed signs of distress in their children, one in three youth reported symptoms.


At the same time it cannot be ignored that the mental health of children is deeply linked to their parent’s mental wellbeing.


On World Mental Health Day, we speak to Radhika Haralalka, a Singapore based counsellor working with The Other Clinic, who has special interest in maternal mental health.


(Guppuccino with Radhika Haralalka)


“It begins the day we decide to have a baby. The decision to start that phase in life must be very well thought over and discussed,” says Radhika. 


“What is your relationship with your spouse? Are you communicating well? Are you able to have hard conversations? Are you able to repair conflict? Are you financially ready? These are some of the questions and points of discussion which every couple needs to have before starting a family.”


Radhika also focuses on the mental well being of parents. “Parenting is the hardest job in the world and there is no such thing as a perfect parent.”


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