Guppuccino Ep12: Travel Tips From An Expert

By: The Gup Cup
Jun23, 2023

COVID undeniably changed our lives, work culture, communication skills and an overall approach to life in general.


It was during the pandemic that Monika Guwalani decided to shift to the mountains to continue with her investment banking work life. However, it was not too long before she decided to quit and opted for something that filled her heart with joy – travel full-time and create a digital nomad culture.


From the bylanes of Vietnam to the backstreets of Indonesia, her instagram profile ‘bootsofahitchhiker’ is filled with videos and photos capturing her ‘go-slow’ style of travel. “I don’t leave a place till I know the name of the person who serves me the tea or helps me with my bookings.”





While solo travelling is something that many of us wish to do but hold several inhibitions, Monika feels that meeting and connecting to new people and the local community makes the experience beautiful.


In our latest episode of Guppuccino, Monika tells her story and shares some great travel tips that will surely help you plan better. Watch Here.


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