About us

smack bang in the middle, lies the real drama…

About me

I started my career as a journalist in 2003 and had the privilege of working with some of the biggest media houses in India.




  • noun [INFORMAL]
  • someone you can talk to 

I started my career as a journalist in 2003 and had the privilege of working with some of the biggest media houses in India. After moving to Singapore, I worked in communications within the corporate world as well as with small business entrepreneurs.

From speaking to people impacted by communal riots to talking about the changing trends amongst youngsters; from sitting alone in a theatre for a movie review to covering a local crime scene; from sitting inside the Dassault Falcon biz jet for an aviation magazine writeup to authoring children’s books; and from writing corporate collaterals to scripting storyboards for videos – it has been a journey dotted with the most amazing experiences of my life. 


You know what was common between all these experiences? 


Stories. Real and unfiltered. Simple ones. Or Twisted, maybe. Real-Life Experiences. Unsung Adventures. Dark Truths. Funny Slips. Frightful Frames.


Some stories grew onto me. Some changed me. Some made me question and some, just told me ‘not to be’. 


I am picky about the smallest of the details. I want to be able to create a movie on every story that crosses my path. I want to shine the spotlight on that next door neighbour, who has so much going on but always goes unnoticed. I want to focus on that real, flaw-filled life that each one of us live.


Between picking up the pen and capping it away, I work on writing the twist of everyday tales.

So here I am, ready to hear your words and weave them using mine. Every story makes a difference. Tell me yours. I AM LISTENING.


About GUP

If you have grown up in India, you would surely know what a cup of evening tea meant. 


It wasn’t just about those beautiful cups, or the aroma of the tea itself. Neither was it all about the mouth-watering savouries that were served alongside. 


It was a celebration.

A time of the day when the family sat together to unwind and chit-chat. Moments, when children too, sat around dipping their biscuits into their own little cups. It was a way to welcome guests, and a ritual over which friends bonded. It was a must-have, when it rained and if the radio played ‘that’ song, a cuppa was sure to make it even more worth it. 

Having said that, tea and me aren’t really a thing (coffee please!). But those moments are. Whether I want to cosy-up and chit-chat, read a book or spill out some words in a notebook, that hot cuppa makes it purely magical. 

That’s the nostalgia I want to weave together through this platform of 

The Gup Cup – warm, real, and flaw-filled. Dotted with simple stories. Of you and me.  

Let’s sit together. Let’s unwind. Let’s sip that cup. Let’s hear those tales. Let’s GUP over a CUP.