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By: The Gup Cup
Jan31, 2024

We are already a month into 2024 and for many, their ‘New Year’ goals, resolutions, targets or whatever it is termed as, must be taking some early shape.


However, it does not hold true for most and a recent survey states just that. 


“By the end of January, 43 percent of people either forget or drop their goals,” Ruchi quotes the survey.


So why is tripping over goals so common? How can we ensure a long-established goal? What should be done to achieve them?


In our latest episode of Guppuccino, coach and keynote speaker, Ruchi Parekh talks about sustainable ways to make lifestyle changes that actually last.


(Guppuccino with Ruchi Parekh)


Lifestyle changes are hard. We often overcommit and get overwhelmed. We get stuck when we create too many broad goals. 


“It is important to break down those big goals into smaller milestones. It makes it achievable,” says Ruchi.


Having experienced it first hand, she believes that another important strategy is to construct your own vision board. “It is a great way to visualize your personal goals.”


What is Ruchi’s personal favourite? “Journaling. It is the most powerful tool at your disposal.”


When one begins to pour out all the feelings stuck within – even very simple thoughts – the magic begins to unfold. 


“If you do intention setting in your journaling, there is more of a possibility of you achieving it than if you had not written it,” believes Ruchi.


Listen to the podcast and find out all the simple yet powerful tools that Ruchi shares in order to set yourself up for success. Available now on YouTube (www.YouTube.com/@TheGupCup), Spotify, Apple and Google Podcast

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