GupShup with Rabi Nawaz

By: The Gup Cup
Oct5, 2023

“First time when the doctors put an expiration date on my life – perhaps another 10 months – I looked at my watch and thought to myself ‘will I make it in time for my next meeting’!”


In this month’s GupShup, we shared our hot cuppa with Rabi Nawaz, who left her 17+ years of a successful corporate career to do something more meaningful – to make an impact.


Vedas and the vedic lifestyle was not something that Rabi had grown up with. Coming from a completely different background, her journey towards becoming a vedic coach began in the most unexpected manner.


GupShup with Rabi Nawaz


She accompanied her friend to an astrologer, something she never believed in. 


“I arrogantly viewed them as individuals who could cleverly tell people what they wanted to hear,” felt Rabi. However, that night, Rabi was unable to sleep, pondering how the astrologer told her such detailed information about things she had never spoken to anyone about.


“I became extremely intrigued, viewing astrology as a science worth exploring.”


As a part of her coaching approach, Rabi incorporates Vedic Planetary Analysis in her sessions and feels that by understanding one’s chart, an individual can take charge of their life, understand one’s strengths and shape things accordingly.


“​​The power in realizing your strengths and visualizing your potential only leads to happiness and abundance in life.”


Watch the full episode of GupShup with Rabi Nawaz, as she shares stories from her life’s journey and more.


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