Part 2 | Parenting: A Teen’s Perspective (Ep8)

By: The Gup Cup
Apr27, 2023

When children end up comparing themselves to other kids, they can be hurt mentally.”


“…and it ends up creating a toxic mindset which we need to then learn to overcome.”


These were some of the thoughts that were expressed by our teenaged guests, as we continued our conversation over ‘Parenting, A Teenager’s Perspective‘.


(Parenting, A Teenager’s Perspective – Part 2)


I asked if they felt their parents were comparing and I the unanimous reply was a firm, “no”.


“The environment in which we are growing up, is extremely competitive and children themselves end up comparing and pressurising themselves,” said Aadya.


In our second part of the three-series episode of of Guppuccino, our guests, who are middle schoolers and high schoolers, gave their thoughts on issues like ‘stereotypes’, their ‘real friend’, coping as a ‘third culture kid’ and much more.


Watch: Parenting, A Teenager’s Perspective – Part 1


Listen to the full conversation on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast or our Youtube channel, and get an inner glimpse into the workings of their struggles, challenges and successes.


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