Let’s Gup: A Women’s Day Special (Live Event)

By: The Gup Cup
Mar1, 2024





Join TheGupCup on March 08, 2024 for a women’s day special, our very first live storytelling session of FOUR different stories. FOUR sets of hurdles. FOUR powerful women, who have earned their own crown.


Did they have it easy? Were they privileged? Did they have every reason to believe in themselves. NO. From self-sabotage to self-criticism and judgment, they fell several times before they figured out that not everything needs fixing.


This interactive event features insightful discussions aimed at helping you nurture a healthier relationship with the most important person in your life – YOU.


KEY TAKEAWAY: Equip yourself with ways to discern between needing fixing and showering self-love. Leave empowered, wearing your crown, proudly!



Few Seats Left! Book Your Spot Now! Click Here.


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By The Gup Cup

A storytelling platform where we chitchat with real life heroes, have a hot cuppa with them, listen to their stories and then package them for you.

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