Science of Being A Girl – Your Period SuperPower

By: The Gup Cup
Jan11, 2024

I’ve known Sahana for a while now and I can vouch for the fact that apart from being a wonderful person, a fabulous yoga instructor, she is someone, who delves deep when it comes to holistic health. From every meeting we had, there has been so much to learn and take away.

When she messaged me saying that she had a topic in mind and it may be of interest to many, I knew it would be something amazing. Without wasting much time, we decided to meet up (at an amazing tea bar) and all the information that came my way, blew me away.

It definitely had to be spoken over a hot cup of Guppuccino!

(In Conversation with Sahana Paradkar Ray)

In this first episode of the 2-part series of ‘Science of being a Girl – Your Period SuperPower’, Sahana takes us on a self-discovery journey to understand the power of menstrual cycle and how to harness the strength of each phase to reach your highest potential in all aspects of your life.


For most of us the understanding about our cycles has always been significantly around the menstruating days, which is mostly perceived to be an inconvenience. However, each phase has its own strength. We are talking about certain heightened abilities – physical aptitude, mental focus, emotional strengths, intuitive awareness –  available to us during that specific phase,” says Sahana.


So how does yoga come into the perspective?

“Syncing our yoga practice with our cycles is a great way to honour our cycles and stay attuned with our bodies. Personally I like the idea of using yoga to compliment the energy available to us in the specific phase and also aid in creating a balance when needed,” she adds.

Dedicated to holistic wellbeing, Sahana Paradkar Ray, is a yoga teacher, specialising in pre-natal, postpartum and active birthing. Watch the full episode now.


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