Guppuccino Ep 5: Are You Cyber Sure?

By: The Gup Cup
Apr3, 2023

Today everyone has access to the network and the dependency on online media and computer systems is now more than ever. However, this comprehensive network system comes with higher risks and chances of cybercrime.


Have you ever thought about what digital footprints you are leaving online? You may be cyber savvy but how do you ensure your cyber security?



“Just like you take care of your physical safety by locking the house door, or locking the safe where you keep your valuables, you must know how to take care of your virtual safety,” says Shubhada Bhave, a cybersecurity expert. 





Currently heading business development and client engagement for Diligent Risk Solutions Private Limited, Shubhada emphasizes that while cybersecurity awareness is the first step, everyone must embrace and use cyber secure practices for it to truly be effective.



Hackers and cybercriminals are constantly finding new ways to find their way around the latest defensive walls, making their way into your inboxes, browsers etc.



However, in order to defend yourself, it is essential to know what you are standing up against – from the latest cyber threats, to the dangers of clicking on ‘infected’ links, online conversations, to disclosing sensitive information and so much more.



Several research reports suggest that often human error has been a major contributing factor behind many data breaches. One needs to be extremely careful of social engineering, phishing, and malware designed to steal personal data. 



Listen to our conversation with Shubhada Bhave in our latest episode of Guppuccino.



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