We Help You Journey to a Zero-Waste Lifestyle: Ankita Jain

By: The Gup Cup
Oct12, 2022

Let’s face it. Earth is sick. Nature is suffering. Oceans are filled with plastic. Extreme heat, wildfires and floods are affecting millions of people. To prepare for it, we need to first admit that we can’t undo it. Instead we need to accept that disaster is coming and it’s time to rethink about the choices we make.


The GupCup spoke to Ankita Jain, founder and owner of Purple and Pure, a brand that helps environmentally conscious consumers reduce their plastic use. 

Ankita’s journey began when motherhood kicked in. She was enraged by the amount of plastic waste piling up owing to diaper bags and other baby products. Her first step was to opt for cloth nappies.


“I wanted to do something that I really care about, even a small one so my son grows up in a safe and pure environment. Knowing the devastating impact of plastic pollution, I decided that I wanted to be part of a movement to reduce plastic consumption by offering sustainable alternatives.”


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Ankita works with various Indian NGOs and especially women run organisations. Passionate about the quality of her products, she ensures that every item passes through a good quality check filter.


“We are also working on creating workshops for children,” she added. 


Tune into the full interview with Ankita Jain and find out how you can be careful about the choices you make in order to ensure that the future generation inherits a healthier planet.

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