GupShup with Sujata Sheth

By: The Gup Cup
Feb9, 2023

As parents, when our kids first begin to bring in their artwork from school, our immediate thoughts are ‘how can we display these little treasures’?


Some of us would frame it. Some would file it. Some would display it on the kitchen table. Some would stick it on the fridge door. But with time the sheer volume of these masterpieces begin to take the shape of an avalanche – of paper, ofcourse. Then begins the dilemma – keep it, throw it, store it?


Meet Sujata Sheth. A doctor by profession, a mother to two beautiful girls and the founder of Art4Keep.


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“I have two young kids and they would come home with tons of artwork. I would put them in boxes. At first it worked fine but with time I realized that the artwork was falling apart. The glue had melted. The glitter was all at the bottom of the box and there were book bugs everywhere.”


The incident did trigger Sujata into looking for a long-term solution and she ended up creating a keepsake book of her daughters’ artwork. 


Was that the beginning of her venture Art4Keep? Not quite!


(GupShup with Sujata Sheth: Part 2)    |  Watch More GupShup


The doctor mom also sees this as her creative outlet. Not only does it allow her to switch on her right-brain but the process has also given her an opportunity to emotionally connect with parents.


While speaking to various families during the project, she has realized that “everyone has their own story and is living their own struggle”.


Watch our full GupShup with the founder of Art4Keep, Sujata Sheth, as she tells us about her journey.

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