GupShup with Pamela Puja Kirpalani

By: The Gup Cup
Feb1, 2023

A “King’s college girl”, to an investment banker, to helping her father set up the export wing of his company. A wife. A mother. And now, a successful certified international NLP master practitioner, trainer and life coach. 


Pamela Puja Kirpalani could have had it as she wanted, however, she knew her calling – to help those who needed help. Just as she did, at one point in time. 


(GupShup with Pamela Puja Kirpalani: Part 1)


Marriage took Pamela to a whole new country, exposing her to a new culture and language – Indonesia. The change stirred up its own share of issues, which manifested into anxiety attacks. But she was not the kind who would give up. 


From learning the Montessori method of teaching, to training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), she equipped herself with tools to manoeuvre through the emotional adversity. 


(GupShup with Pamela Puja Kirpalani: Part 2)


Today Pamela, the founder of Inner High Living and author of ‘WHOLE: 11 Universal Truths for An Inspired Life’ is a distinguished thought leader in the world of behavioural psychology and neuro-behaviour. She is also certified by ABNlp (Australian Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming). 


Was this a path she had ever thought of walking on?


“Actually as a child, when I was 14, I had this huge yearning to learn about spirituality. I would read Osho, Wayne Dyer, The Road  Less Traveled by Scott Peck and I started getting really deep into that. But then as a teenager things didn’t quite evolve in that direction,” she quickly added. “Later on after marriage and kids, I felt the need to tap into my spiritual side.”


Today she spends her time coaching some of Singapore’s prominent public institutions, corporates as well as one-on-one clients. She also conducts various workshops.


We had an opportunity to have an extremely fulfilling GupShup with the graceful Pamela Puja Kirpalani. Watch the full episode.


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