GupShup with Chandni

By: The Gup Cup
Sep28, 2022

She was only in Grade 9 when she had decided that her career would focus on making women feel confident. Years later, that is exactly what she is doing.


Meet Chandni Sahu, makeup and hairstylist and founder of MakeupAndHairByChandni.


By the time she was 18, she had started working for Loreal and at 20 she had her very own makeup and hair studio. Moving countries and companies, today Chandni is based in Singapore, working for herself as well as a beauty brand consultant. 


When we asked her about the project closest to her heart, she did not even need a second to think. “Tata Trent. I was handling buying, sourcing and so much more for their beauty brand StudioWest. It involved traveling, developing products and so much more. The team was fantastic and I was in makeup heaven! There is not one day I can think of that I did not enjoy. Another job I do, which is very close to my heart, is the free donation cuts that I do for cancer patients’ wigs. Every single one is close to my heart and special.”


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Chandini was diagnosed with NHL, an aggressive form of cancer a month short of her 30th birthday. It changed her life overnight. Six months of chemotherapy, medicines, back and forth between hospitals and a near death experience – “This is definitely a second life,” she adds.


Listen to our complete GupShup with Chandni Sahu.


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