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GupShup with Bindiya

By: The Gup Cup
Aug29, 2022

I have a lot of unread books screaming at me to be picked up. I get to them. Each one of them. When the time is right.


During the peak moments of pandemic, one book that caught my fancy was on Ayurveda. I don’t quite remember when I had bought it and what had inspired me to buy it. Today, I just see it as a sign (wink).


The book resonated with me. Deeply. I moved from one book to another to gazillion google searches, unending curiosity and then BINDIYA.



Bindiya Lachmandas, is an ayurvedic therapist based in Singapore and a mother of two beautiful teenage-girls. 


Ayurveda was “definitely not” what the founder of ‘Prana’ had on her mind when she was growing up. 


Seeing her daughter’s struggle with skin issues and the constant back-and-forth between doctors and medicines, this mother was determined to find a better way out. And she did. Through Ayurveda.


When I first met Bindiya, I was so excited to hear it all. The kind of confidence she had in her therapy sessions was so strong, that I knew this was big. “More people are taking to the holistic way of living than ever before and when they see the results, it is reinforcing their faith in Ayurveda.” 


“The discipline our grandparents had, that is not there anymore,” she said when I asked her about her viewpoint on the health struggles in the modern world. 


“It is heart-breaking to see so many youngsters (ranging from 18 to 22 year olds) coming to me today for therapies and most of them are here because they are unable to deal with stress and anxiety. There are no medicines in Ayurveda. I need to get to the root cause of every symptom a client is complaining about. I need to get them to realize the problem and then the power of herbs and oils seep in to do their magic,” she added.


From helping people to beat a suicidal mindset to getting them to be able to conquer concerns of sleep, focus or sever health conditions, Bindiya’s clients range from 5yo kids to 50+yo adults. 


Last year, she also launched her own product range. Carefully testing and blending over time, a few of the most popular blends from ‘Prana’ are the hair oil, the slimming oil and now the ‘joint pain oil’. 


Despite the very busy calendar, ‘Prana’ has recently opened its door to people, who are unable to afford therapies otherwise. “When I started my journey, I did it with the intent of giving back to the community. I wanted to help people understand this ancient science about life that has unfortunately lost its essence over time. I also wanted to make sure it is accessible to everyone, irrespective of their social or  financial conditions,” she continued.


From meditation and jal neti to parties and tattoos, there is a lot more to Bindiya’s story. She loves letting her hair down and turning on the ‘chill mode’ to relax and rejuvenate. 

Watch the complete GupShup with Bindiya Lachmandas and allow her to empower you with a language that allows you to communicate more effectively with your body.



(Below are some client feedbacks and reviews that Bindiya has shared with us. Happy reading!)

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