“Cakes Are A Big Occupational Hazard For Me”

By: The Gup Cup
Sep13, 2022

Everyone loves a good dessert. 


She is no different. She bakes them. And she makes them look gorgeous. 


Meet Devika Sachdev, a pâtissière and founder of Devilicious.

After a degree in economics and a stint in the banking world, Devika decided to switch gears from ‘banking to baking’. Whether it was baking as a teenager for friends or as a pastry chef now, she is extremely particular about is the taste. It is a food philosophy that she applies to everything coming out of her kitchen.


Devilicious has also started catering to the rising market demand of ‘healthy treats’. 


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“There is an increasing demand these days and that’s why I have added gluten-free cakes, sugar-free cakes in my list. And there is a lot more coming up on the menu soon.”


And when she is not baking?


“Oh! Those are such rare moments. It’s not too frequent that I experience that,” she immediately replies. A mother of beautiful twins, she definitely has a lot going on her plate.


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