A DIY-ed Room. For the Sake of ‘Likes’

By: The Gup Cup
May18, 2022

How have y’all been? I suppose now that outdoor options are limited, your occupation must have shifted indoor.


Mine too. Actually, it’s always been indoor for me. Except back then, it wasn’t much of a thing.


I’ve been hearing people discuss importance of routine while working from home. Emotions of having a cozy workspace is flying around too. Oh, the most important of all concerns: how do you carry on with these mini creatures howling right at the time of an important work call?!


Holy Toledo! Would you believe it when I say these trending ‘experiences’ happened to me too?! As luck would have it, I treated them as part of life. No, I ain’t gonna blame you for calling me a loser. I shoulda learnt on time! 


Journaling it, hash-tagging or just photographing it. I did none of it. Man! I always miss the bus.


All this made me feel so left out that I started looking for a project. A lockdown project that I could talk about. Something I could document. On the social media.


Frustration got bigger as I scrolled through people’s profiles. Sulked. Spent my days being grumpy.


Then suddenly. I read – ‘Before & After’.


I stopped dead in my tracks.


My soon-to-be 9-year-old was about to begin his spring break. I visualized him sitting in his room, on his table, solving those mathematical equations which THE mums always spoke about. You know, ‘my kid’s in Garde 2 but does Grade 4’ sorta stuff. 


This needed preparation, of course. But I had it all planned out.




I asked my husband to guess too. 


“You have a plan to further challenge his skillsets,” he asked, almost certain I didn’t mean it. I think I also saw a worried look on his face. Actually, I think I also heard his heartbeat, like 2 meters away. 


I smirked. Sixteen years together and what the heck! He did know me. 


I handed him the car keys. “You got it. Let’s go buy a new table for him. I’ve taken the measurements.”


On the way all those videos about ‘doing up your son’s room’ kept looping in my mind. I was revising the list of things I had to pick up to make the room just right. For him, of course. 


A nice map decal? I may just be in the shower when he would want to know where Tuvalu or Nauru is located? 


Then of course two different-sized cushions. Oh, and even better if they had a repulsive monster face print. In fact, prints of balls or cars would work too. Alright. If nothing, then a solid blue or black or even grey colour cushion would do. OK, green too. Oh, and odd-sizes would add more flavour.


And what would be a boy’s room without a reading nook! No, I had no intentions of spending a fortune. After all, this was a project to inspire, a project to announce ‘budget hack for a spring break room’.


I had to restrain. Budget.


So, I would only buy a rug, a lamp with warm white light, maybe a hanging canopy, some wall art, a cozy floor cushion, and more cushions of various shapes and sizes and texture. Let’s be honest, while reading he might just want to cozy up or punch his fist. I had to cater to all these moods. Young boys are unpredictable. I mean, why take chances!


Then of course a few non-expensive frames to display his art. On a side note, I never valued his painting and drawing skills. But THE mums made me realize the true value. That bit would be dedicated to them.


Ah, yes! Some bright stationaries for the table. His previous ones were too boring. Perhaps some neon coloured highlighters too. They would add variety to my photos.


As we walked out of the store, I smiled. I had aced it.














Time lapse video of me putting together the table. I’d edit out my husband’s contribution later.


Slow-motion video of lifting the rug and placing it on the floor.


Stop Motion video of putting together the reading nook.


Boomerang clip of the lamp switching on an off with the light shining on the pages of an open book. 


Portrait mode pictures of the neon highlighters. And intelligent toys messily arranged.


Check-list. All ticked. 


Video compiled. 


Instagram IGTV feed updated. 


“Bang!” The entryway door slammed open and I travelled back from my post to my dining hall chair.


It was my son. He was home. As he walked up to me to give a happy hug, I quickly started, “I’ve spent hours cleaning and doing up the room. Don’t mess it up. Especially the reading corner. It took a lot of effort to put it together. If you want to get too cozy while reading, make sure you don’t change the position of the cushions. You know what, I think just read on the lounge sofa or your bed…” 


There was an exchange of glance between him and my husband. As if I cared. I turned my focus back to my Instagram account. 


Wait! There was a comment. And 7 likes. And it said…


“So what math concept do you want him to work on,” interrupted my husband. 


I lifted my eyebrows first. Then my eyes followed. I looked at him, totally disgusted. “Really? That’s how you want him to spend a week’s break. C’mon, give the kid a break.” 


He looked at me puzzled. Don’t ask me why. These men are beyond me. And I have three to deal with. He even opened his mouth trying to put forth another point. But… “TING”, buzzed my Instagram notification. 


I redirected my focus. “Love the turnaround. You’re an inspiration and I can visualize your little guy reading his Percy Jacksons in that lovely corner.”


I smiled and called for my son, asking him about his interest in reading Percy Jackson books. He did not have to think much. 




Once again, my eyebrows lifted and my eyes followed. In a firm tone I said, “What do you mean? What will you do during this break? I’ll order it for your collection.” 


You guys! I’m so excited. 


I’ll soon send across photos. Once the Percy Jackson books arrive, I will have him hold the book and lie down in the corner, to read. 


Stay Tuned. Stay Safe. 

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