GupCup Services

GupCup is all about savouring your favorite hot cuppa, putting your feet up, and having a cosy conversation. 


That is why we thought that we could add a little more steam to your chit-chat through our special somethings.

Special Somethings


Personalized poetry

Imagine standing on a mountain peak. Or a long empty beach. Whichever you fancy. Wind blowing into your face. Arms spread out. Living the moment. Then you hear a beautiful background tune and flow of words, describing you. The Real You. Or Your Favourite Person. We at The GupCup love to weave words around your emotions to pen a personalised poetry.


Personalized Story

Everyone has a story. With one or many heroes. With smiles, tears and laughter. With incidents - big or small - but certainly special. Sometimes there is an ending. Other times it’s ongoing. Ever tried capturing your own? Maybe the photographs over time can be pieced together or some videos have the snippet. But how do you bring to life those thoughts going through your mind and the emotions racing across? The GupCup is woven around the idea of hearing and sharing stories. If you are keen on capturing yours, we could seal it in a book. A book about your story.


Video Story

What is common between the following - a solo adventure, a small get-together, a big trip or simply a special day? Your phone exploding with endless photographs and videos that you have taken in a bid to hold on to those priceless moments. But do you go back to it often? Not many of us. So what if we take those clicks and create a beautiful short video that you can share and play as many times as you want? We at The GupCup thrive on visual storytelling. There can be no other way to speak in a beautiful way than through short and snappy videos that have a tight script and fast moving storyline!


Personalized Events

The GupCup was inspired by the age-old tradition of evening teatime, where people come together, and chit-chat. Taking this idea a step ahead, we love designing small-group workshops and networking events that are based on the idea of sitting around a cosy table, with people from similar or diverse back-ground, having a hot cuppa and a cosy conversation. And if you would like to customise it to your specific taste, let’s sit over a cup.

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